Chemical Industry

  • Core business: chemical raw materials, Fine and Performance Chemicals
  • Raw materials from Germany/Europe/North America/ India/China
  • Preregistration of our products in accordance with REACH legislation
  • Representation by our Indian production partner Modepro
    • Thiophene, Pyridine, Piperidine
    • Pharmaceutical intermediates
    • Pharmaceutical custom synthesis
  • Representation by our Indian production partner Tatva Chintan
    • Cetyl-pyridiniumchlorid
    • Chemical intermediates
    • Quaternary Ammonium salt
  • Representation by our Chinese production partner Nanjing Cosmos Chemical
    • UV-absorber
    • Lilial
    • Chemical intermediates (Pharma, Cosmetics)
  • Wide range of organic Silicium compounds

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Product List Pharma [Download]
Product List Additives [Download]
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